Neil Gaiman’s Best Stories so far…

Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions
karya Neil Gaiman

Published August 30th 2005 (first published 2001) by Avon | Binding: Mass Market Paperback | ISBN: 0380789027 (isbn13: 9780380789023) | Pages: 384

THIS anthology of short stories, and the occasional story poem, is vintage Neil Gaiman: quirky, sometimes very funny, often dark and disturbing. Most have been published before, but are hard to find elsewhere and cover all of Gaiman’s writing life.

Neil Gaiman practiced his best illusion tricks to me and he done it best with his short stories. I read Neverwhere once and quite amaze how he tries to picture Down London as a magical realism setting that lives together with Upper London. His fantasies are beyond words.

I love “Troll Bridge” — a story about a person who at the end of his life choose to be a troll who lived under the bridge. He switched his body with the body of earlier troll and trapped himself to be a troll forever. I find no match for such writing like that.

Or the short-story titled “Chivalry”. An old woman buys the Holy Grail at the second hand store. Then Gallad, a full-armored knight comes to seek the Grail and offer lots of interesting stuff if only the woman give him the Grail. Brilliant how Gaiman put two different context into one modern life. Or like “The White Road” a story-poems were glanced over with some volume of interest. I think I like a lot his style of writings.

And I need to read more about Neil Gaiman’ books such as Anansi Boys, Stardust, and American Gods.



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